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Location: Mumbai, India

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Lisa Rani Ray is a Canadian actress, model, television host, philanthropist and social activist. She acted in Popular films like Hanste Khelte (1994),Nethaji (1994),Kasoor (2001),Takkari Donga (2002),Bollywood/Hollywood (2002),Ball & Chain (2004),Yuvaraja (2004),The Standard (2005),Water (2005),Seeking Fear (2005),The Flowerman (2006),Quarter Life Crisis (2006),A Stone’s Throw (2006),I Can’t Think Straight (2007),Blood Ties (2007),The World Unseen (2007),All Hat (2007),Kill Kill Faster Faster (2008),Toronto Stories (2008),The Summit (2008),Somnolence (2009),Defendor (2009),Cooking with Stella (2009),Let the Game Begin (2009),Trader Games (2010),1 a Minute (2010). Ishq Forever (2016), Veerappan (2016), Dobarra (2017). She is also brand ambassodor of Rado (Watches) In india and 'Pantene Beautiful Lengths' Campaign.Ray has been involved in bringing the attention of the people towards the rights of girls around the world. She has initiated a number of fundraisers and campaigns for Multiple Myeloma such as the "Because I'm a Girl" campaign. After her recovery, Ray launched "Make Myeloma Matter" media campaign, which helped raise awareness about the disease worldwide. She also actively advocated the stem cell technology and its benefits. In the same year she became the face of Hillberg & Berk Jewellery, a part of the proceeds of which went to Multiple Myeloma Canada

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